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Member of The Green Chamber of Commerce

Member of National Dance Education Organization

Member of Youth Protection Advocated in Dance

Member of Dance Masters of Ohio

Voted Beacon's Best Dance Studio of 2020

The Dianna Durkin Dance Studio (DDDS), located in the City of Green, has been teaching dance since 1960.  All classes are taught by highly qualified dance professionals who use a non-competitive approach to dance, while making classes fun and interesting for dancers of all ages. 


Our goals are to teach our students:

1.   How to develop movement skills, musicality, and creativity

2.   To become a responsive listener

3.   The foundation of dance; to develop an appreciation for the art form

4.   That Dance improves their health, well being, and learning ability

5.   To develop a positive relationship with their bodies

6.   To show respect to their teachers and fellow students

7.   Working together can help them feel more connected to others; create & share in the community 

8.   Lifetime characteristics :  Responsibility,Integrity, Leadership and Respect for others

9.  How to set goals and attain them 

We have 3 Studio teaching rooms, A, B & C.  Studio A & B  have floating wood floors, and observation windows for parents and friends.  Studio C has floating Marley floors & a monitor in lobby for viewing the class

Our 63rd Annual Dance Recital will be Sunday, June 2nd 2024 at the Canton Palace Theater

Our Advanced level students participate in 1-2 dance competitions a year, as a fun and exciting learning experience. It is up to the individual teacher of each class to determine when the students are ready to attend competitions.  

Our Dance Company participates in a minimum of 4 dance competitions per year, along with other local area performances. 


"Both of my daughters are having a great experience at DDDS!  As a parent, I love that they are not only getting a quality dance education, but they are also gaining important life skills and making lifelong friendships and memories."~ Jill S.

"Dianna Durkin Dance Studio has been a part of my life since I was 2 years old and tapping away to the song, Three Little Fishies. DDDS not only provided physical activity, it also instilled confidence and body awareness throughout my teen years. These dancing years would lay a solid foundation for an even greater healing in my early 20’s. After suffering a broken neck in a four wheeler accident, I was hospitalized and had to undergo spinal cord surgery with a neck fusion and a bone graft to my hip bone. I had lost complete use of my legs and limited control of my upper body for months following. When the time came to test my balance at Physical Therapy my brain instantly went back to my lessons at DDDS. Head Up. Stomach In. Engage My Core. Arms Stretched Out. One pointed toe in front of the other, gracefully and balanced, right foot first…that was just so Dianna didn’t have to tap my leg to remind me which was the correct one to use! My therapists all laughed that I was the first patient to learn to walk so centered and balanced while looking like a dancer in the therapy room. Fully recovered now and 38 years later from my first DDDS class, I get to sit back and watch my two little girls dancing their hearts out in the same studio and then we go home and practice in the kitchen. They think we are just having fun, but I know that there is so much more then just the shuffles and stomps, the leaps and turns…they are learning life lessons, values, and ways to handle many obstacles the world may throw at them. I am forever grateful for my dance family and excited to continue to be a part of it through my next generation of tiny tappers!"

- Dr. Amanda Baum.

"The years I spent dancing at DDDS were some of the most fulfilling years of my life. It was more than just dancing. Not only did I learn about dancing, I also learned about collaboration, teamwork, responsibility, and determination which are attributes that have continued with me throughout my adult life. The teachers also made sure to help foster self confidence while helping motivate us to be the best versions of ourselves. The friendships I made at DDDS have continued to be lifelong friendships even after we have grown up and moved to different areas of the country. I cherish them so much. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to dance at DDDS!" 

-Tara Morissette

"Dianna Durkin Dance Studio has always been like a second home for us Knight girls.  All 3 of us spent from ages 4-18 growing up at the studio.  Not only did we learn technique, choreography, and flexibility, we also learned teamwork and responsibility.   When learning to drive, it was the first place our parents let us drive ourselves.  Since we are all different ages, we sometimes had a wait  for our sister to finish class.  I remember dong homework- but mostly watching the other dances.  By the end of the year, I'd knew their dances as well as my own!  My parents always loved having a safe and healthy place to drop us off after school.  Our mom made some of her best friends while we were little dancers!  They still refer to each other as "dance moms"! Now that we are all adults, all 3 of us have been in weddings of girls that we danced with.  It truly is a lifelong bond.  We cannot wait until we can send our future daughters and sons to dance at DDDS!  In the past few years, we have come back to the studio to take adult classes and it's been so fun.  We are hoping to do another adult class soon.  Our whole family recommends DDDS for all ages!"

-Annie, Laura and Maria Knight

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